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It just makes sense for your financial team to take one for the team. From personal income returns to business (corporate, partnership, trust & estates) taxes, our team is ready to serve on the most complex of returns. We have an extensive background in the tax field and we are head of the class in continuing professional education. We will make tax season uncomplicated and effortless. Annual and quarterly taxes don’t have to be an unpleasant surprise – we can assist with tax planning for your home or business. When everyone comments on how calm you are during tax season – you can tell them it runs in the family. Welcome to the Colwell & Company family!



From financial forecasting to budgets, we can help you see the projections through the minutiae of day-to-day accounting. Colwell & Company is your help line for business planning and your greatest advocate for financial success. We will help you manage the fiduciary responsibilities in good times and in the bad times, too. Our staff will coach you through a variety of estate, business, and personal strategies.  Need advice from a trusted source? You found one! Need someone to run the traps of your strategic development? Done. Our doors, and ears, are always open.



Plan A is the only plan when it comes to Entity Selection. Plan B comes with headaches, extra time and money. Our principal personnel will discuss all angles of your business to create the smartest entity structure. With our guidance, your business will start on the right foot and be up and running in no time. From LLC’s to S-Corps, we can get you compliant with State and Federal regulations and keep you in the green for years to come. 



It takes someone special to enjoy balancing the checkbook and we do! Our team includes QuickBooks ProAdvisors and others who can track payments, invoices, deposits, and all the financial reports you can shake a cash receipt at! Consider us your accounting department that won't need holiday pay or benefits. Your business will have a team of professionals that can give you an up-to-the-minute financial snapshot and all the reporting you may need.​



Set it and forget it? Nope. Payroll is a delicate operation that requires regular management and in-depth IRS and state regulatory agency reporting. If you are running a business you probably don't have time for the intense and demanding needs of payroll. We have your back, and your 1099's! Certified payroll and/or state specific reports are easy work for our crew; our specialists will get payroll done on-time, with the accuracy you, Federal and state agencies demand. From standard paychecks to bonus structures to commission payments, we can do it all. 



Don’t know your DR1260 from your DR 1266? Is an ACH all Greek to you?  You are not alone!  Our colorful Colorado has one of the most complex sales tax system and regulations in the nation. Don’t avoid it and don’t try to navigate the waters alone. We are experts in all things Colorado state and local agencies tax reporting. Give us your excise tax anxieties, your use tax upsets, and your personal property tax problem – we can free you from those worries. We know (and love) all those hard-to-follow regulations and will be happy to take care of your sales tax like it was our own.

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